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hit or miss, please send it to us and be sure and follow us on twitter at jer@fnc. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you here next week. >> jon: another busy week in the news business. the investigation on the boston bombings in full swing. details emerge about the terrorists and their plot. federal officials try to explain how and why one terrorist flew under the radar even after they knew he was a potential threat. the suspect's parents claiming it's all a setup. their little angels and another terror plot uncovered in eradicate. abortion trial goes to jury. the details are too much for some in the media. associated it is gets punked with a fake tweet.
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and a former president celebrates his legacy. the stories made the rundown. find out next on news watch. >> on 9 panel this week, judy miller. cal thomas, jim pitchinger ton and el an ratner bureau chief of talk radio service. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. >> jon: nearly two weeks ago, two bombs exploded killing three injuring more than 260 in boston. terrorist act hijacked media coverage. press going out to cover every
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angle of the developing story. let's start with a fox news poll how this coverage was perceived. when it came to approval ratings of the various agencies and authorities involved. law for the time got a 91 approval rating. obama administration got a 71% approval rating on the handling of boston marathon bombings and media got 55%. does that surprise you? >> no, i think the media had a tough time struggling with the to be first and being accurate. since then we have seen four stories bubble up. the first was the effort to blame it on taxpayers and andrew wrote a great piece, ten worst media moments, the suspects as chris matthews. >> jon: we'll get to him in a minute. the. >> the other stories, he acted
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alone. they weren't influenced. they no immediately according to brian williams, there were no foreigners at all. they went from is there to obama administration did fine. so when director clapper said we connected all the dots. it was like napolitano three years ago, that is the latest story. the fourth one only fox news and megyn kelly was interested in, why were all the guys on welfare. we financed the phones to help make the bombs. >> jon: judy, you took note of the piece bernie goldberg reported. >> after a while, i said to myself, yeah, sure, i'll believe it when i see it. this is not good for an american institution whose credibility rating is somewhere around used car dealers. we need a mainstream media that we trust.
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>> yes. i think that bernie goldberg pointed out some of the worst mistake that has people made. the column really focused on those errors. i think cnn talking about the f.b.i. and law enforcement looking for a dark skinned individual, the posting of two photos, quote, bad men as the "new york post" pointed out and it turned out to be innocent people. there was a terrible story of a 17-year-old student that was listed as a suspect. there was a lot to apologize for. >> jon: kathleen carol of associated press said this. we took a shellacking for reporting that a suspect was in custody, when as the hours passed, that information begin to look wobbly. how does something like that
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happen? >> because there is a rush. there is a rush to somebody get it first and get it right. that was philip schwartz said that. the "washington post" said ap used only one anonymous source. i do have to saying read all week the boston globe has done an amazing job this week. >> jon: then chris matthews, he took some heat, in the bombings on right wing home-grown militia types. they put together a cartoon as a result of chris math use. >> as kid we had a party game. birthday party, pin the tail on the donkey. people like chris matthew want to pin the blame on something like this on right wing extremists. folks that hide out in the president's for the second or third coming. the great reluctance of media,
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they want to withhold judgment on muslims. they want to withhold judgment on muslim terrorists. they don't want to make the connection. they play along this together. >> there was reluctance to even call it terrorism do you have wait for the government to call it terrorism? >> you have to wait for president obama to use islamic terrorism in the same sentence. the media don't want to make the administration look back. this is their are a chill ease he will. we have political correctness going back to the previous administration. the media are part of it. >> jon: it had banana long, long time since 9/11 attack. do you think the media sort of dropped the ball of encouraging public awareness, if you see something, say something? >> i think it's part of what jim was talking about which is playing into president obama's
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narrative of the middle east. we don't have to worry. problem solved. war in afghanistan is over. no problem here because i got osama bin laden. guess what? radical islam still exists and there are people that pose a threat to this country this was a terrible wake-up call america again. >> and they made an excuse for terrorism like this piece that appeared on front page of "time magazine", did boxing damage play a role in the boston bombing, suggesting that tamerlan tsarnaev's brain may have been traumatized during the year he boxed. that may have explained what he decided to do in that. >> i happen to be a person who is actually passion putting people under an mri machine and find out what happened. i understand. what is really interesting as we
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go forward and not any media stories about that, what do the hippo logs going to do with some of this information that perhaps that is dangerous. that is whole area to be explored. >> jon: then there was tom brokow on meet the press. >> we have to work a lot harder. what prompts a young man to to come to this country and feel alienated and go back to russia and do what he did. there was 24/7 coverage on television, a lot of newspaper print, but we've got to look at the roots of all this. it exists across the whole islamic world around the world. >> jon: how about a young man embracing the freedoms and opportunities it gave him. >> this is part of many of government of the problem. form la is wrong. if your formula is wrong your
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answer will never be correct. it isn't about what we do or don't do. it isn't what israel does or doesn't do. it's about the ideology and application of religion and media don't get this. >> jon: all right. next on news watch, bush 43 back in the news. >> the people that knocked these buildings down will hear from all of us soon. >> his legacy on review as the bush presidential library opens in dallas with big names and big media attention. was the coverage fair or another chance for the press to push their anti-bush agenda? the answer is next on news watch. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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telling you i finished a biography and analysis of this presidency. if they are still analyzing washington, those are us in bush 43 administration we don't need to worry about short term history. there needs to be time in order to determine whether the decisions of any administration make sense. >> jon: president george w. bush hosting obama and three other former presidents for the dedication of his library. it gave the media an opportunity to do a little bush bashing and some of the old lines came back. >> i think president bush had a pretty good week. the event itself was pretty powerful. i think his strategy over the last four years of being quiet and not getting in every last argument. has help from unexpected, ellen
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ratner wrote a nice piece, president bush has saved more lives than any other president in history. with his work in africa. he is never going to be media's favorite president by a long shot but his coverage is following it. >> jon: and he has him 47% approval and 49% in a fox news poll? >> even a basher of president bush joan walsh talked about how his numbers have changed. even people who did not like him and continue not to like him had to recognize in the media that his numbers have changed. >> there were two good columns on "washington post", one by the former writer and even more powerful by charles krauthammer. his central point, whatever else you wanted to say president bush he kept the country safe. there was not another domestic terrorist attack under his watch
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and that counts for a lot. >> why the focus on failures in the media coverage? katrina and the poor intelligence on the gulf war? >> possibly bush bashing nostalgia because it's clearly something bashing a president haven't been doing lately for the past five years or so. also, i think there was a steady drum beat on the part of the left. there was in that same rush column that you referred to, ellen, she also called him the worst president in history. she suggested the reason he was getting the republicans were climbing on board and being nice to him they are cleaning up the mess for jeb bush. [ laughter ] >> for example on the night that diane sawyer had a exclusive interview with the former president on nbc news which didn't get the interview, david gregory savaged him for three
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minutes. first image was president bush on the abraham lincoln, not his greatest day and nbc made it clear, if you don't give us the interview we will sock it to you. >> jon: ellen, i am guessing you didn't vote for george w. bush. you are praising his work in africa. president obama and carter praised him. why can't the media? >> most of these guys that rise to the top, they are all mixed sort of organizational people. they do some really good things and really bad things. if you come to washington for any period of time, that is pretty much everybody in this table has you get to know that. >> jon: journalism is the first draft of history. what effect will this kind of coverage have on his legacy? >> it all depends. it depends on who writes the history. i think the president in that little soundbite was right, they
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are still analyzing george washington. who does the writing. the key is the result in iraq and the middle east what happens has a lot to do with what who writes what in the future. >> will steven spielberg do a movie. >> will the media get shamed to covering a gruesome trial. >> an abortion doctor accused of murdering live babies from botched abortions and the media accused of a coverage blackout. a bogusap tweet reveals a potential disaster. details next on news watch. @@
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abortion doctor on trial for murder accused of killing four
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babies and female patient. case in the hands of a jury has not received the front page coverage it probably deserves. one critic has been frequent news watch panelist kirsten powers. since the murder trial began march 18th there has been precious little coverage of the case that should be on every news show and front page. revolting revelations of his former staff who have been testifying to what they witnessed and did during late term abortions should shock anyone with a heart. so, the reasons for the lack of coverage according a fox news poll, 41% say media bias, 26% say the story was too local. 17% say it is simply too gruesome. jim, what effect did kirsten's article have? >> i think she screened the country away to borrow a phrase from the "new york times" actually.
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give credit to one person with a real strong voice that something is important. i do agree with the analysis from the poll there. i think those are exactly the reasons and too gruesome to get in to and final is media bias. >> jon: so there is a media blackout? >> in some cases, in murder trials there is almost nothing that is so gruesome or unappealing it can't be covering. gna did a ten part series on the jodi arias trial. come on. this a case that should have been covered but it wasn't because in part because of bias of the media. >> jon: an nbc political analyst and talk radio host said this. no sense of guilt is warranted. there is no cause or connection of coverage in this case and bias to the trial was being ignored the oblivion extended to both ends of spectrum and more
11:53 am
attributable to grisly evidence. >> jon: does he have a point? >> he does but he also pointed out actually took kirsten powers and put her in the column and made the encloses bus dispatch and melinda pountd out in the "washington post" there had been no inspection in 17 years. the press did not pick up on that. >> jon: is it the fact that reporters generally seem to like abortion rights, their judgment is being clouded by the fact of this case? >> i don't think there is any question about it. there are two ways to be biased. in the way you cover a story and the way you don't cover the story. by not covering this and not showing us the pictures and not smuggling in cameras like think have done with some of the pregnancy centers to show
11:54 am
alleged misinformation handed out to women. but compare it to the overcoverage of the michael vick dog story. the quarterback of the philadelphia eagles and the media were all over michael vick and pictures of dead babies. it's okay because it advances a policy they favor. >> jon: one correction. he was at the time for the quarterback for atlanta. now, he is with the eagles. >> oh, i'm a redskins guy. thank you. >> jon: associated press was hacked on their twitter account. the bogus tweet said that president obama was injured at the white house and market took a deep dive. it wiped out $136 billion of s&p 500 in a couple minutes. ap caught it and call it bogus. they reported the president was fine and the financial markets
11:55 am
recovered. the question, does it show an overreliance on twitter and journalism and finance? >> it certainly does. u.s.a. today had a good article, welcome to the face of modern terror. this is what cyber terror looks like this. >> is the problem and challenge that the government faces. >> jon: is the lesson learned here? >> i don't think so at all. bloomberg had a piece on high frequency trading. we're going to learn about certain companies that sell twitter information to these hedge funds that run these algorithms. nobody had any idea what is going on. like the london case, we find out after the facts. >> jon: next, on news watch. what is a better job on do you think, a garbage man or a reporter? ♪
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>>. >> jon: career released annual job ratings. 200 jobs and rates them, income, stress related to each position. top three, actuary, biomedical injury gentleman and software engineer. number 87 is is a sewage plant operator. number 160 garbage collector, number 187, dishwasher at the very bottom of the list, number 200, a newspaper reporter. no surprise considering ever
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shrinking news rooms and competition from the internet and high stress to meet short deadlines. that is a wrap on news watch this week. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. we'll see you again next week. >> heather: hello. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. outrage from delayed airline passengers leading to quick action in washington. is this a one time deal or is washington willing to address other sequester cuts that have frustrated americans? >> heather: plus a hospital landing in hot water what it is accused of doing to patients. >> we have a heart and it hurts

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